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The Fastest, Most Enjoyable Pacifier Weaning Program

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Pacifier weaning can be one of the most difficult stages with a toddler; the crying, frustration, hunting for pacifiers, missing naps, endless screaming at bed time and the tantrums strike fear into parents of all ages.  For some children, that pacifier is their personal security.  It's their woobie, their paci, their binky and taking it can be considered an act of war.

Traditional pacifier weaning and other similar programs can take days, even weeks to finally put your toddler at ease and get them to break their pacifier habit.  During that time you're left with nothing but catastrophic fallout.  Thankfully there's another option that won't send your toddler spiraling into pacifier withdrawals.

Bye Bye Paci offers the fastest and most effective solution to bring sanity back into your home.   It doesn't matter how many times you've tried and failed, you can finally succeed with pacifier weaning - and have fun doing it!

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Help U Kids provides a pacifier weaning program to mothers and fathers of all ages, offering a 24 hour system to wean toddlers from the pacifier using fun, engaging, educational and imaginative play. For more information on pacifier weaning, please contact us or use the links above.

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